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Wood look Ceramic tiles Now in Stock!!

posted 13 Apr 2018, 07:50 by Tanya Adams   [ updated 13 Apr 2018, 23:24 ]

A ‎(150mmx800mm)‎

B ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

C ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

D ‎(150mmx 800mm)‎

E ‎(150mmx800mm)‎

F ‎(200mmx1000mm)‎

G ‎(150mmx 800mm)‎

H ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

I ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

J ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

K ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

L ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

M ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

N ‎(250mm x 700mm)‎

O ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

P ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

Q ‎(200mmx 1000mm)‎

R ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

S ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

T ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

U ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

V ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

W ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

X ‎(150mm x 900mm)‎

Y ‎(150mm x 1000mm)‎

Z ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

AA ‎(200mm x 1000mm )‎

AB ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

AC ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

AD ‎(150mm x 800mm)‎

AE ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

AF ‎(200mm x 1000mm)‎

*    Wood look a like ceramic tiles now in stock 
*    Variation of different colours to choose from 
*    The sizes as per reference 
*    The 150mm x 800mm = 1.2m²        @    R106/m²
      The 150mm x 900mm = 1.08m²    @    R116/m²
      The 200mm x 1000mm = 1m²        @    R126.10/m²
*    All tiles arrived are sold 2nd Grades and tiles are limited stock

*    We have also received 600mm x 600mm Porcelain tiles in 1st grades prices from R99/m²

For more information please let us know. 
011 915 1600
072 074 2331